"Rain in the desert"

The premeditated stealing of the work of other people and distortion of truth

The case of James DeMeo of the OBRL

Polemics by Joachim Trettin, Director of the Wilhelm Reich OrgoneInstitute Germany

Institute for Orgone Research & Orgone Technology - IOO

September 2002

A reply to the homonymous website by James DeMeo



. . . . . . . . . . . . Demeo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . Trettin .



Liberation movements always hold certain risks, based primarily on the divergence of utopia and reality. In this gap, an attitude quickly establishes that believes it can enjoin on others what to do and not to do in order to achieve its goals.

These attitudes are always ideological, i. e. they need a progressive theory to claim the role of a saviour of truth and discredit others as obstructors. Apart from this attitude, the breakdown of work-democracy is responsible for enabling these people to actually operate. The core of fear in work-democracy is that of an independent lifestyle, the fear that small weaknesses may be revealed and one is being embarrassed without having the chance of asserting oneself. I have observed such behaviour repeatedly in therapy, just as the aptness to belong to a strong group that claims to impersonate truth.

Thus, the dictatorship of the proletariat in Marxism, actually intended to abolish suppression, became Stalinism. In the field of Reichianism, this is a lot more dangerous because it is not about outer factors but about the psychic apparatus itself with all its identifications.

Whoever knows the story of the AA-communes like I do knows how fast people are disenfranchised in the name of truth and become illiberal in the dictatorship of their leaders.

Therefore, there are good reasons to mistrust people who use the term "emotional plague" all too freely. Emotional plague was a clinical term of Reich, defined sexual-economically. At the core was the hate of the living, in the form of incapability to live socially with other people.

In the Reich-scene, this term is often used to direct anger, arising from the inability to dominate others, against other persons in an ideological wrapping. Pestilent people ultimately want to be alone and can't tolerate others. This is the precondition of every dictatorship.

Fortunately, this war rages only in a small part of the Reich-scene and will never achieve social power. Still, single persons could be ruined by it and that is the goal in the end. A pestilent character is a medical case. This should always be understood.

But one has to protect oneself from its dangerousness. Reich therefore suggested exposure. - In my opinion this only makes sense if there is a public that can support this. If there isn't, it's only to the advantage of the dictator. For example, publicity hasn't helped the Jews in the 3rd Reich, only organized resistance.

Emotional plague should be a term that one should apply to oneself and not utilized, misusing Reich's clinical perceptions, because that was not his intention.

Such a processing also shows that one has only consumed Reich without understanding him. This is always particularly dangerous. So we should be careful with accusations and verify our own motives instead.

My personal grudge against Jim DeMeo is directed against his exploitation of my work, the obstruction of the establishment of Cloudbusting groups (as it has happened in Germany) and moreover the obstruction of my person through the competition he feels against me, although I was interested in cooperative work and believed to have worked with him this way.

For this reason, DeMeo has to accredit the anger that arose in me though his actions to himself. If it hadn't been for the breakup with him, I would surely not have uploaded clips of our conjoint work to the Internet independently. Today I know that a free, productive work is not possible with people like him. Alone, the success that he wishes for himself will be denied to him. He breeds his own critics and it is yet unclear how this will end for him. He re-established my independence in Cloudbusting, in which I originally wasn't interested anymore. Thus, he is the root of what he fights.

Since he can't win this fight the way he intends to, the question must be asked here how far he wants to go yet.

Whoever wants to win battles must be in the right position to do so.

James DeMeo isn't.

Through newer utterances of James DeMeo I am confronted with the situation of an unjust attack. Adepts in Orgonomy know that such behaviour has become common, just like the German Oktoberfest, and now it is our turn to be affected. One becomes target of such attacks as soon as one has a certain success and this seems to be the case with us. Friends of ours like Jogg of PORE have been affected by such attacks for years. Again, there is an official homepage for this by DeMeo.

Privately, I also received several newsletters sent by DeMeo that were probably sent to multiple addresses and I possess some "Smut-letters" concerning other colleagues. Here, he not only tries to vilify these persons. One can also gather from the contents of these letters that certain notions of people circulate who don't know this themselves. This deeply contradicts the principle DeMeo likes to represent: being direct and aboveground. I will return to this later on the occasion of a quote from DeMeo.

Putting something like this into a newsletter in order to exploit weaknesses of other colleagues is quite uncooperative. This has nothing to do with the search for truth and can only be called base, even if such persons want to see themselves as knights in a crusade against the emotional plague. We know this pattern very well from socialistic truths. DeMeo's pattern is always a minute listing of single facts - mostly only half-true - that are arranged to mediate a coherent picture afterwards, where the person in question doesn't get away very well.

This also applies to his newest attack on www.orgonelab.org/trettin.htm in which he tries to depict us as some sort of documentation officers who had a go on him, so to speak. In fact, we were a factor in the Reich-scene in Berlin back then, with a long orgonomic past in western Germany and multiple publications, including books, and manufacturers of the original Orgone-accumulator that was propagated in Europe by us.

In 1991, DeMeo wrote in his Journal "Pulse of the planet", issue No.3, Summer 1991, page 105: "Berlin is also the home of John Trettin, who with Beate Freihold and others, established an orgone accumulator factory in the 1980s. Trettin and associates have published a small book of the accumulator, and have constructed and sold around 400 full- sized accumulators in Germany; they are well made, and priced economically. Trettin was brought into contact with Reich by the late Dr. Walter Hoppe, who worked with Reich in the 1950s and translated many of his articles from the American period into German.

Trettin has additionally developed an ambitious video archive, which holds a large number of interview and lecture videotapes from various American and European researchers with an interest in Reich and Orgonomy."

Today, after DeMeo has profited from our knowledge of Orgone-accumulators and has published a German book himself that shows an accumulator from our Berlin production without mentioning its origin, he is naturally no longer interested in appreciating our orgonomic achievements, especially since his former girlfriend is now building the Freihold-Trettin-accumulator in the USA. On page 9 of his acknowledgements in the German version, publisher 2001, 1st print run 1994, a lot of people are mentioned whom he wants to thank. Only we are left out. Even the medical Dorbuster, built by Trettin and tested by him for weeks, picture on page 222, was not worth an acknowledgement. A Dorbuster of the same design now stands at the Wilhelm Reich OrgoneInstitute Nümbrecht.

In Berlin, he was looking for institutions that would establish him better in Europe, particularly professors and doctors. In the end, Berlin was his favourite city in Germany. It provided a broad spectrum, but also a rebellious instance against Reich himself, that the term "Orgone" fell prey to.

DeMeo was already listed as a guest on the attendance list of a Wilhelm-Reich-congress from June 13th 1992 where the abolition of Orgone was propagated - and said nothing. In the protocol, there is no remark that he protested against that. He can hardly have overlooked this incident.

In the Berlin-Cloudbusting-Group there is one person who also spoke out against the physical Orgone-term in public lectures:

"One of the criticisms of the Reich`s work is, they say that this orgone energy doesn`t exist, because they cannot prove it. Even Reich himself says, that it does not follow the laws of physics and of the physical energies. And for me, it`s a very simple matter: it doesn`t follow the laws of the physical energies, because it`s not an energy. So I think to call it orgone energy is confusing this issue."

DeMeo later claimed to have never heard of that person. But this wasn't the point. The question was whether there were such opinions in the Cloudbusting-Group or not and whether persons with opinions like that were suitable for such a project.

The abolition of Orgone-energy took place very early in Berlin. We were mainly critics of this development. All this happened for all the world to see, but DeMeo sought contact to this scene because he considered them helpful for his purposes.

Later, when he lost control of the Cloudbusting-project in Berlin, he became a victim of the anti-orgonomic league himself. From this point onwards, one finds criticism from him on the subject, not before.

We don't know whether it came about through planning or just a coincidence that he was confronted in Berlin with his archenemy Joel Carlinsky - an affront. DeMeo tried to move the Berlin group to pledge allegiance to him in order to prevent them from meeting with Joel Carlinsky. However, his plan failed and so DeMeo had to play along. He knew pretty well what he wanted. That we were supporting him back then was irrelevant to him since he didn't see any career advancement in us.

Additionally, we worked in a field he wanted to claim for himself: The Orgone-accumulator, with which we had more experience in Europe than he had in the USA. In his book on Orgone-accumulators we were only mentioned marginally. We consider this uncooperative behaviour, too, especially since DeMeo wanted to have our construction plans, which his girlfriend Theirrie used to build this device. Later, she claimed those plans had been established since Reich's times. Why did I have to film them from PAL to NTSC in a darkened room then?

This just shows the "principle of politics instead of work", because work wasn't rated highly in this scene. Only the prestige through exalted work in connection with academic titles was important. I wasn't the only one who had to deal with this.

But all in all we got along quite well with DeMeo during our time in Berlin. He was a frequent guest at our place in the Müllerstrasse and we helped him as well as we could. Back then, we believed in an interest in a "Worldwide Cloudbusting"-work with him and others in the world. Of course, today I consider my understanding naïve.

At the Blythe River / Arizona, DeMeo also told us in the end how enjoyable it was working with us and how much he would like to make another expedition to the Sahara with us (this in video-documented, too). Naturally, we considered ourselves colleagues in Cloudbusting and didn't know then how hard hierarchies are in Orgonomy.

After DeMeo had been offered operations in Israel and Africa, he lost interest in us, the more so as he didn't want to face factual criticism for work in Berlin, particularly the Cloudbusting project "forest dieback", which was only a decoy for other purposes. A real interest in work in Germany was not given.

A well-known Reich-sympathiser with associated ecology-institute in western-Germany, one of whose co-workers belonged to the Cloudbusting-group didn't want to support him either. So the situation arose that people from whom DeMeo wanted something didn't want anything from him and people who were interested in work were not particularly interesting for DeMeo.

Publications in Germany, published by 2001, became important to him and he put up with a lot, such as a Neo-Reichian account of what should have been psychiatric Orgone-therapy. Here, Orgonomy was cut back a lot. DeMeo also had a fable for Bernhard Harrer, who was critical against him from the start. Through Harrer, DeMeo hoped to get the long desired access to a university, in this case the FU Berlin.

The abolition of Orgone-energy in Berlin was consciously ignored by DeMeo for too long. In public was most important to him - not facts. In Berlin, we learned more and more what it was all about - Neo-Reichian Orgone-politics with the goal of undermining physical Orgonomy and abolish the physical term "Orgone", which happened in 1995. Also, sexual-economy doesn't exist in this town anymore, except for my work of course.

We were interested in a direct, practical work, involving theoretical inquiries of course. This applied to work-democracy in particular, which was considered a Reichian construct and unrealistic in Berlin.

I have mentioned elsewhere that work in Berlin suffered from the fact that to my knowledge, no one had aspired or completed a orgasm-reflex therapy. Sexual-economy in Reo-Reichianism is not as important as in Reichian Orgone-therapy.

All of this landed me in an isolated situation no one could overlook. DeMeo once said (video-documented): "John, he does all the work, but they don't want him." This referred to the Wilhelm Reich Society, once called a Punch and Judy show by one of its own members. Later arguments with this society showed why.

In the Cloudbusting team, the group "Müllerstrasse", with 4 staff members, belonged to the activists. Aside from this there were 3 other members, including H. The rest came for skating or making photographs.

Already in 1992, fear spread in the group, especially among the members who had been disconnected from work for a long time. Time and again, there were discussions, kindled by the prestige Cloudbusting members, and in their centre the pure fear that the topic of Cloudbusting elicited. I call these people prestige Cloudbusting members because they didn't work themselves and basically wanted to dictate work in the group for prestige reasons. They were afraid of the work and its consequences, so they began to obstruct it.

DeMeo often sat at those discussions absent-minded and didn't want to take any clear position. Sometimes the Berlin group was to decide on its own - always when he wasn't interested or things were too delicate for him. Whenever his interests were concerned, he thumped his status as "director of the group".

The problem of the Cloudbusting group was that at least two thirds of them DIDN'T DO ANY WORK. Also, DeMeo's administrator always tried to integrate new, "more progressive" members into the group, which was too much for DeMeo himself in the end. Most of the time, orgonomic premises were lacking. The group was just in chaos.

I took initiative in work and argued with H. about purchasing a new Cloudbuster. This seemed necessary to me because the model we worked with was wooden and swelled in moistness and workers often needed half an hour to remove the steel rods from the apparatus.

DeMeo didn't have anything to say to this. H. fretted and fumed because he wanted the money for his own projects which later became the basis of his denegation of Orgone. It shows here that the people in Berlin had not yet brought themselves to abolish Orgone-energy-Reich. But a lot was going on and DeMeo as a true Orgonomist kept aloof from the discussion even then.

His prestige was welcome, but not Orgonomy. He on the other hand wanted to exert influence on Europe and, if possible, publish, lecture and create a colony for himself without annoying those who wanted something different. Whoever knows DeMeo as well as I do, knows that DeMeo is extremely afraid of social exclusion and often showed solidarity with those under criticism, regardless of orgonomic criteria. But that didn't prevent him from insistently excluding persons who came too close to him, saw through him and might have been strategically dangerous to him.

Another typical politic-diplomatic situation in which we didn't fit - because we wanted neither nor. We just wanted to work. Unfortunately, we were so preoccupied that we couldn't believe what was clearly going on before our eyes.

Because there was no public in our favour, the two parties met no resistance and we succumbed in the end. But at that point, things were still Ok. We tried to organize fundraising money for DeMeo ourselves, but without success. The film was conceived by us and of cause we produced it, too. We produced videotapes for Bob Geldorf and Paul McCartney, centred on DeMeos interpretations of scientific Orgonomy, as well as the film "Rain in the desert". Back then we believed that we were working for an international Cloudbusting-project on a work-democratic basis. In the summer of 1992, DeMeo opened a German account in Berlin. One our later, he criticised me for my statements on irradiation-times, for which only a doctor would be qualified in his opinion. I knew what this meant. It was the beginning of a social exclusion because we were being critical. We don't know the deeper reasons but we assume that this was connected with the concept of DeMeo's publications at the publisher 2001. DeMeo had definitely taken the side of the opportunistic wing in Berlin. Similar to the development in the German party "Bündnis 90/ die Grünen" in the last years, eventually the time comes when critical elements are being excluded in order to promote a general conformation on a low standard. This worked for DeMeo as well, but in the end, an Orgonomist was not welcome in Berlin, the city of Neo-Reichianism.

Therefore, in 1995 an ethic group was founded that decided to set an end to Cloudbusting in Germany. For DeMeo this was not essential, since he wanted to perform his Cloudbusting-projects alone anyway and Germany didn't matter to him.

At the latest, here was the point where I had to go my own way. In 1992, I declared in the name of the Müllerstrasse group, the later IOO, that I had no interest in belonging to a prestige-Cloudbusting-group and demanded allowing vote only for those who participated in practical work.

The following had already happened: In a group session of the Cloudbusting group to which we, the Müllerstrasse, group weren't invited, it was decided to cancel an operation that was coordinated with DeMeo. The result was that at the same time, that to Cloudbusters, in Berlin and Heidelberg, were drawing in opposite directions. Thus, an absurd and also quite dangerous situation arose for Germany. At a later meeting, DeMeo sat at his desk silently while his Berlin Administrator badmouthed Jürgen Wellhausen and me (both group Müllerstrasse) in a very nasty manner. We had dared to criticise a group consensus of the Berlin Neo-Reichians when we discovered what was going on in the whole operation not until phoning them at the lake. The badmouthing of the Berlin Tutor only subsided when DeMeo said that it would have been better if everyone had met his wishes, and that was what we had been acting for all along.

The forum was supplied by people who had never worked practically - the topic of work vs. politics was also very acute at that time and couldn't be addressed due to DeMeos opportunism. The man who didn't get tired of portraying his work as "work instead of politics" presented himself as a politician of the most opportunistic kind.

Another aspect of this politics is that the critics don't get a forum. The motto is: The devil shits on the fattest heap, which means: One joins the group that promises the best advantages.

DeMeo wasn't interested in the fact that the Berlin group was already busy abolishing the annoying Orgone radiation in favour of a general conformation. My information on the subject was ignored and DeMeo asked me to shut up and just overlook such things.

In 1993 I declared my practical withdrawal from the Berlin Cloudbusting group - We planned to establish a new headquarters in Nord-Rhein-Westfalen with its own Cloudbuster, since we lost the Berlin Cloudbuster. DeMeo spoke out against this, as if he had had a right to determine who was allowed to do something in my own country, an attitude that no American would tolerate in his own country. This shows an aspect of DeMeo's personality that has to attributed to megalomania, which is often found in people who want to pursuit an ingenious idea, but are totally isolated at the same timer (the little man).

In the Cloudbusting work in Berlin, one had to discuss methods and there were some who already had experience with Cloudbusting. DeMeo maintained a low profile here. It was apparent that he didn't want us to learn much, not more than necessary at any rate. This was in contradiction to his article "So you want to build a Cloudbuster" - all a matter of interpretation. But actually, the members of the group forest dieback wanted to learn more about Cloudbusting itself. How much did DeMeo know? Did he know anything at all? He arguably hadn't worked with Orur and Edens spiral traction was probably unknown to him, too. In America, he believed that clouds had gathered just because he had taken the plugs from the Cloudbuster tubes. He was also delighted, he once said, when he determined that one couldn't really learn Cloudbusting from Jerome Edens "Core Manual - Cosmic Orgone Engineering".

One day it came about that another appointment with DeMeo in Berlin was termed "instruction-workshop". DeMeo was outraged by this understanding of the situation - because he didn't want to instruct anyone! He didn't want any independence and he didn't want to share his knowledge. Anyhow, he consistently demanded money from the group for his travels to Berlin, plus 2000 DM, lodging and a car. He played poker: How much do I get, how much do I have to offer in return.

Obligatory opening of his seminars was the sales-catalogue with the Fitz Roy`sStormglass-Barometer, $ 249, which he advertised to us.

People who were officially sworn in to him and who he could have used for his work might have received partial instructions. But even for this, one would have had to wait for years and then it would have been all according to DeMeo's needs.

Beate Freihold once asked him about training and DeMeo said that the OBRL had no training program at the time. Ha! The OBRL is DeMeo himself and he was on site and didn't have a training program? Ridiculous! It just means: I don't want to teach you anything. Thus, he permanently frustrated the group, which became more and more angry with him. Who wants a training class in the USA that isn't established anyway. This was 14 years ago and nothing has changed since. In the meantime, we all have grey beards, DeMeo grey hair. Even here, DeMeo was a plain disappointment.

DeMeo was once ordered from Florida to Pennylvania by Courtney Baker, just to be told one thing: He shouldn't engage in Cloudbusting. Of course he hasn't heeded this advice.

After a dispute about a new Cloudbuster, DeMeo said on the drive to the airport: "One day you won't have to argue with these people anymore and have your own Cloudbuster." That's how it was before.

DeMeo surely wouldn't get away very well in a psychiatric assessment, but this is not the topic and I'm not entitled to pass a sentence here. As far as I know he has never completed his therapy. So he lacks some requirements for an Orgonomist who wants to judge as strict as he does. His social isolation is also self-made - not a good prerequisite for someone who claims to represent life - a life that is always social. About his relationships with women I don't want to talk here.

DeMeo plans a Cloudbuster-trip to Namibia and as a reward, the person who mediated this was allowed to be a member of his Cloudbusting group for a while. He had chosen a person, B., to accompany him. There was no talk of us anymore - when another incident happened.

B. didn't want to go on the journey. DeMeo wanted to involve someone else now. He wrote about B.: "he is not able to do this job". In fact, B., who didn't get along well with DeMeo, was not interested. Officially, word was that B. had a new girlfriend and so this was acceptable for DeMeo under the sexual-economic point of view.

The new candidate was of course outraged when he found out that he was seconds. He wasn't told that before. DeMeo had obviously given him the impression that B. was incapable of doing the work and was therefore out of question anyway. The person, XY, expressed this in a letter and refused the offer, against my advice, and criticised DeMeos opportunistic behaviour and his role in Berlin.

The answer was one of DeMeo's typical bashing-letters, which are so filthy that you need a handkerchief afterwards in order to get rid of the dirt on your hand. With DeMeo it is common use the term "emotional plague" very early and once one is identified as "pestilent", DeMeo has no inhibitions to express this clearly. Thus, in a letter where he badmouthed Beate Freihold, Jürgen Wellhausen, John Trettin and others he wrote the following sentence (it is not about me): "you are described as a schizophrenic with an ocular hook, brought on by the incompetence of Hoppe, who was never trained by Reich or anyone else."…

DeMeo sent this letter, in which he also disparaged Hoppe as a gift for the Berlin Neo-Reichians, to several persons, myself included. Moreover, how did DeMeo get this information? Shouldn't it be subject to professional discretion, if it is true at all and not just made up, which is most likely in my opinion. A rumour without any basis in order to discredit people. And how can he send such rumours to several persons.

This is a lie and an iniquitous discrimination of Dr. Hoppe, who learned the principles of character analysis, vegeto-therapy and of course psychiatric and physical Orgone therapy from Reich himself. Hoppe got the first-class references from Reich. He gave them to me for reading and they were really extraordinary. Reich wrote therein that nobody had ever understood Orgonomy as fast as Hoppe. Hoppe was also a friend of Reich and published the international journal for Orgonomy. He was independent and a liberal mind in the positive sense.

And this was not the only person DeMeo badmouthed in the letter. In the same context he wrote about another person:

.... "you are said to be power- hungry, an emotional plague character who cannot tolerate cooperative work with anyone, someone who wants to dominate the orgonomic scene….. You once boasted of being the only trained orgone therapist in Europe, but supposedly have been rejected by several competent American therapists as an unsuitable candidate. …. An awful portrait, yes?…."

This is a lie, too. The person in question has an education in America and was authorized as Orgone-therapist. The American therapist told me this personally. So both statements are not only malicious, but also untrue.

In contrast, we got away pretty well in this criticism. For example, it read:

...."You John have lost all sense of decency and fair -play, acting in a most infamable manner, like the pope, as if there is nothing of possible error in your approach or criticisms "….

...." It is a both shocking and sad to see how low you have sunk"....

…."Never in my life have I been forced to send such a letter as this, but never before, except possibly with Carlinsky (whom I never regarded as friend as with the case with you and John) "....

That this is not true and destructive criticism is just DeMeos way shows another letter. It reads:

.…" A tragic situation, he, posing as a friend of orgonomy, in reality a little man, emotional plague dictator who does no work in orgonomy at all, only sitting at his computer, using his journal as a weapon against those who are actually doing something. "….

This letter was addressed to me personally in order to set me against this person. I know this person personally and so I know that the accusation is a lie. This person does a lot for Orgonomy and that's exactly DeMeos problem, because he has no control there.

All of this led me to categorize DeMeo as a cold warrior from a political time that actually doesn't exist anymore. DeMeo's smut-letters (one of his expressions) almost show some sort of workmanship. Nobody can be as mean as him.

We had the last real contact with him in the winter of 92/92.

As mentioned above, there were multiple Cloudbuster-operators in Germany. The meeting of the West-Germany group at our place in Nümbrecht was supposed to take place with DeMeo. But DeMeo preferred to stroll about "Unter den Linden" in Berlin at the "Brandenburger Tor" and cancelled the appointment via telephone, allegedly being overloaded with work. So I was forced to travel to Berlin myself. There, DeMeo let me wait for several days before he answered my phone call and told me he wanted to meet me. That was impudent behaviour to say the least.

With his then girlfriend, DeMeo presented himself in a most arrogant manner, demonstrating her how a director deals with others. I hadn't known this DeMeo until then. In fact, he laughed at us tauntingly throughout the dinner. He termed our new residence "the White House", thereby expressing that we should not feel so important. He didn't know that our house was in fact white. Later, he admitted in a letter that my statements in particular had made him angry.

In one of his smut-letters, he later claimed that I had given him "hugs and kisses" at this meeting, in order to imply sliminess. I have never kissed DeMeo, for starters. Maybe he had wished that in secret. We all know what homosexual-haters are all about. Also, I'm not gay.

I then presented him the last video version of the construction of the ORAC so that his arrogant girlfriend was able to build ORACs better, converted to NTSC. She later said that she would have liked to stand up from the dinner table. Why does one maliciously say things one doesn't want to do? The bottom-line was arguably that they shouldn't have listened to us so long after all.

The food was excellent and we paid it. So where does this anger come from?

Nonetheless, this evening was a lucky day for his girlfriend for she received accumulator plans from me in NTSC-norm. DeMeo wrote:

…. "Theirrie has now completed her full size accumulator, following your design. It is lovely, and she has just sold her first one."….

The fact that both didn't want to know of our help later, as the letters of DeMeo via OML show, doesn't change anything.

Even Theirrie was never mentioned adequately in DeMeo's work, although she surely worked for him. There can be only one, the director himself, Dr. James DeMeo. Such lies - playing the liberal mind in Berlin and being a strictly supervising director - is what the Indians called speaking with split tongue.

To xy he wrote about this last meeting:

"I hoped the time in Namibia would provide more contact between us. I guess I was just really stupid about this possibility, eh?" (so schreibt man einem Verlegenheitskandidaten, eh?)

"Regarding the dinner meeting between John Trettin, et al., and myself and Theirrie, I am really bothered by the nastiness of your words about events which you did not personally witness -- or are you simply repeating what John, Jurgen and Beate told you? If so, then they are playing a dishonest game with us both, because they never told me anything like what you are saying. ...... So now, I'd like to know, is it your feeling, or John's feeling, that I "trampled upon honest friendship" and used him only "as long as I could profit from him" This is pure poison."

Here, DeMeo tried to make mischief. He didn't know that xy was much more critical towards DeMeo than I was. I, member of the Wilhelm Reich Society Berlin, and also board member of another big Reich organization in Germany, always tried to conciliate and was at the centre of information like no one else.

That was obviously unknown to DeMeo and of course I didn't feel any obligation to report what others thought about DeMeo.

I don't want to take part in this method of DeMeo that disguises the attachment of rumours like this:

"For the sake of openness and clarity, it might interest you to know how you are viewed by those participating in the rumor and gossip industry in Europe and America, to know just how vicious it can be. Do you want to know what kind of crap has been circulating .......over the years, rumors which I had dismissed in my efforts to work with you ...., to assist your work and bring you closer into the work that I have been doing? Take a good hard look into the mirror:"

In plaintext this means: I don't criticise you so don't criticise me. Or more simple: I don't want to be criticised. Such letters should not be directed at multiple persons. That is the publicity of a fair. It has nothing to do with truth. It is a cunning concealment of the own person. It also shows the brutality of the perpetrator. That is the most shocking thing about it. It would all be just a joke if it weren't so tragic. One could be led to believe that DeMeo has learned the mechanism of emotional plague in a workshop, without really understanding it. He was in the class for exemplary application!!!

With rumours it is always the same: One tries to verify them. If parts of it prove to be true, it's are no longer rumours. If it proves to be false, it becomes irrelevant. But such clarifications can never be achieved vie mail, but only from person to person. DeMeo once conveyed to me: If you want something from me, tell it to me face to face. I didn't want anything from him, but obviously he wanted something from me. This shows how poorly DeMeo had understood the situation. I term this dead.

Later, DeMeo wrote a letter to xy that basically said "do come back". Again, I was chosen as a scapegoat. Things that had been said in the letter above were expressed more clearly. Let's blame John. He brought all the confusion. Since xy only forwarded this to me via telephone I have no written proof for this.

Concerning the recordings for "Rain in the desert": Not only has DeMeo criticised my publications of small clips. Actually, he wants to decide what people are allowed to do. He criticised in an E-Mail to us that on our photos, one could see our Cloudbuster too well in detail and we were to remove our picture of our Cloudbuster from the site. As can be seen now in his internet-publication on Cloudbusting '92, his newly available pictures are just as big as ours, if not bigger in detail.

I can personally understand very well how he suffers from not being able to control us. But he has to deal with it. Whatever his desire was - the fact that we worked with him in the USA can't be denied and he can't lay claim to this work all alone. We don't want to evaluate or interpret his work in any way.

Standing at a Cloudbusters in Germany along with other people and wanting to distance oneself from them is not only uncooperative, but also base. We are Cloudbuster-operator ourselves and one can't treat us like slaves were treated in the USA before the secession war with impunity.

DeMeo mentions in his Trettin-citicism one person over and over again. This person is said to represent me. There are certain names I don't even want to write, so much do I despise them. I want to clarify that I still represent myself !

What should be my interest in working for free and then having to hand them over to others. This is totally absurd. I have never uttered such an interest. Not later than here one should become clairaudient. Of course we can publish our small clips via Internet, as often and as many of them as we want.

Sometime, it has become common in Orgonomy to sue. One person told it to another and tried to file a lawsuit.

Meanwhile we are sick of all the lawsuits. James DeMeo was too late with his appeal. I have been sued 3 times now and always won, only my lawyer made some money of it.

We have spent many hours with DeMeo, producing a movie in order to further his work. What ingratitude to threaten us with a lawsuit in return.

I don't know how many hours several persons have worked at that movie. The cutting out of DeMeos voice during the DOR-situation is pure fantasy of DeMeo and shows his stupidity and technical incompetence. This part was recorded at an afternoon and later inserted into the movie. So there was no voice from the beginning. One should know what one talks about when accusing someone falsely.

In 1988 we took part in translating his paper " So you want to build a cloudbuster", in which he allegedly wanted to encourage people to deal with Cloudbusting. Unfortunately we fell for that trick and today we know that the only intention of this paper was to recruit sustaining members.

But this was not the reason for which we were interested in Cloudbusting, but because for us as producers of Orgone-accumulators, the DOR-situation became more and more important.

In the meantime, we have taken over a lot of other projects apart from building Orgone-accumulators. I don't need to specify them here. They can be gleaned at www.orgoninstitut.de. However, I want to emphasize our microscopic work that began before DeMeos and has produced a lot of films by now which can be publicly viewed on the Internet.

Once again, DeMeo is jealous of us and doesn't believe that we made the recordings ourselves, although he wrote in 1992: "Please keep me abreast of what you learn about the microscope situation. I wish one for my own lap here and so would like to know what you learn. "….

In conclusion, we can't give DeMeo a good review. Apparently he can't deal with the weather situation in his own country. This is pretty disappointing. A real free initiative in which he would have had an important role was practically made impossible by him - instead he has frustrated many people and impeded international Cloudbusting in the process. Another absurdity is his imagination that he once called his secret wish: One Cloudbuster at the right place for all purposes. One doesn't have to ask the question who the operator would be …

Meanwhile there is a lot of professional criticism against DeMeo. He has answered with a system of snitches. Thus he invited people to collect and document information on others (as in the criticism against me) and forward it to him for his use against the person. This reminds me of the methods of the Soviet secret service. I was also asked to provide information back then. However, I consider this a stalinistic attitude, including the inherent social immovability and subtlety.

In the end, Cloudbusting will only work on a worldwide, democratic basis and we have to ask the question if persons like James DeMeo aren't a great handicap here. We wish it wasn't so.

Real Orgonomy must always be social. There can be no private Orgonomy. Orgonomy is always public and should be aware of its responsibility.

All in all, we feel shocked by all these incidents. I think that we, the Wilhelm OrgoneInstitute Germany, Institute for Orgone research und Orgone technology (IOO), do a good work, especially in the social sector, which has apparently perished in Orgonomy. We know which burden Orgonomists have to bear, especially mentally, and know all the dangers ourselves that are associated with this work. The OrgoneInstitute Germany has a unique structure, which is discovered by the public bit by bit. Nobody will be able to discredit this institution, not even a James DeMeo.

We will set new standards with the OrgoneInstitute, if possible in Cloudbusting as well. One will have to accept that.

Comment: We want to point out that we have not worked with the Cloudbuster in Germany, Austria or Switzerland during, before or after the flood disasters in Germany, neither during the Oder-flood in the 90s nor during the recent flood disasters.

Direct responses to passages of James DeMeos texts on www.orgonelab.org/trettin.htm:

DeMeo wrote:

"It was agreed this would be done at no costs to myself or my institute, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL), for the sole purpose of assisting my atmospheric research aimed at experimental testing, verification and application of Wilhelm Reich's atmospheric discoveries to the very large problems of drought and desert spreading. The written letters between ourselves spelled out these facts, and additionally stated that the produced video documentary would not be made public given the sensitive nature of the subject material; it would only be given to key persons in government, universities, research institutions and private foundations, to help facilitate funding for longer-term projects. Following upon these early agreements and meetings."

Cinematic documentation Reichian work was one of my ideas, John Trettin, that couldn't have been realised without the help of others, of course. It took several years until it was possible. The core of our documentation was provided by me, some of the co-workers partly had other interests. The partners varied but I secured the documentations and created an extensive archive - a work that no one has accomplished yet for private reasons.

The first Cloudbuster workshop of DeMeo in 1988 was already accompanied by a camera. DeMeo had given his approval beforehand. I got to know DeMeo in front of a running camera. DeMeos workshop was generally documented, just as the introduction of the participants, that was also video-documented. He was aware of this. DeMeo used the opportunity of our journey to the USA to let us document his work in Blythe. Since the workshop was a Cloudbuster workshop where the Cloudbuster with which we worked was already shown on video, the operators were also present, including us. Beate Freihold, student of meteorology, had applied for a training with Chuck Kelly before and had been accepted. I, John Trettin, had performed Cloudbusting years before. So we were colleagues. A documentation was in our interest and we were also involved in the work in Blythe. Because it was our film project, DeMeo didn't have to pay us either. The fact that we were being sponsored by a Reich enthusiast doesn't matter here. DeMeo couldn't access this money. He didn't even like this person and said later that if he showed up at his door, he wouldn't let him in.

At the time we still believed in DeMeos honest nature and his Cloudbusting work we thought that the use of his edition was to be designed according to his wishes.

We wouldn't have thought of the idea that he just wanted to exploit our work. But when we realized that DeMeo was just using Orgonomy for his unobjective, lifeless, dictatorial and destructive ways, we didn't feel committed to him anymore This is how intentions can change. If one wants to own something, contracts have to be made and the work has to be paid for. DeMeo has consciously done without that because he wanted to exploit our good will.

DeMeo wouldn't have had the money to pay us and no one would have given it to him. So he was lucky that we helped him. Asked why he hadn't made movies about his work earlier, he replied that no one had offered that to him before. The megalomania, I say it again, mania of DeMeo results in the fantasy that he can own Orgonomy in the form of Cloudbusting. But this was not possible in our case and never will be.

DeMeos rigidity which is also mental didn't present the attributes of a genital character, more of a dictator. There is no peddling with freedom here but speculation on the work motivation of others. You can't buy anything for an acknowledgement. That is not enough. DeMeo knew that, too, but there are ways to avoid acknowledgement if one doesn't feel it. So DeMeo thought he would make easy prey - but the film was made by us. DeMeo only possesses a copy from me. I hope this information is now clear to him. That's all he will get!


"Within a year after my 1989 operations, a video documentary entitled "Rain in the Desert" was produced, with cooperative oversight from everyone involved, but with final approvals from myself. Authorship of the video documentary as given on the title pages and trailer, as well as copyright controls were given to Dr. James DeMeo and the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, given the fact that the subject matter was focused entirely upon my work methods, equipment and experiment. For several years thereafter, our relations remained good, and copies of the video were occasionally duplicated and delivered into the hands of various professionals and others whom, it was hoped, would open doors for projects where a clear need existed."

For Jim we produced a copy where he could determine the credits himself. We didn't exert influence on that. Why should we? This film was an item of loan from me for him and he could title it whatever he wanted. It was supposed to serve the purpose that he named.

A basis for us, the promotion of worldwide Cloudbusting, was obviously less important to him. What we didn't know back then was that DeMeo feels rivalry towards all other Cloudbuster operators and disapproves of their work if it is not directed by him. His botch "So you want to build a cloudbuster" is a pure lie, comparable to Soviet ideological ensnarement. DeMeo has always avoided to clarify that he considers himself the centre of his Cloudbusting work and, even worse, Cloudbusting work in general. Like a Trojan horse he infiltrate Reich-scenes, but only to gain influence for himself. Any competition there is discredited, as I have already demonstrated with my quotes.

The same happened to Neil Snyder, who performed some sort of Cloudbusting in West Virginia. Also, he couldn't calm himself down railing against Chuck Kelley who we had visited just before him. When we were affected ourselves, we realized we had been fooled.

For me, DeMeo doesn't impersonta the freedom that I would have expected from an American and I also doubt that he is a patriot since he doesn't respect our German work. His behaviour reminds me of a KGB-character, an attitude that is absolutely anti-orgonomic and anti-American.

However, he has totally underestimated me as an enemy. His mistake of discrediting my person now creates the public which DeMeo can't avoid anymore. This is his own doing. He is now in an international public and can't hide any longer. Since I am independent, his slander can't harm me.

"Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold would gradually reorganize their own efforts under the umbrella of the Institut fur Orgonforschung und Orgontechnik (IOO) and Orgon Institut Nuembrecht, though they continued to develop their video archive, and made video documentaries of my lectures and of the field operations conducted by the Waldheilungs Gruppe. By the mid-1990s, however, this cooperative work also ended, with the departure of Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold from Berlin to western Germany. Around this same time, the Trettin-Freihold team began openly selling copies of the "Rain in the Desert" video, contrary to all prior agreements. Malicious snipes against me, written by Mr. Trettin, also began to appear on the "Orgonomy Mailing List" news group, and on the PORE web site. I finally made several clarifying rebuttals to the more malicious slanders appearing in those internet forums, but for many additional years I chose to ignore the pestilent actions of the Trettin-Freihold team, hoping they might cease on their own. They did not. Finally, it was learned that the "Rain in the Desert" video was being publicly sold, but with my name and the OBRL Institute removed from mention in the header and tailer. Instead, the video now promoted Mr. John Trettin and his IOO, as if they were the ones who had organized and carried forward the OROP Arizona research project. Additionally, a running byline was superimposed within the video, with Mr. Trettin's name, Institute, address and telephone number added in, further misportraying himself as someone central to that project. "

DeMeo wrote about the end of the Waldheilung group "however". The explosive incidents in which DeMeo made a very bad figure were already described above. It was the destruction of the German work in which DeMeo took part. We acted in his stead.

We founded the WWC and added the tape "Rain in the desert" to our videos list. It is true that we changed the cover. But DeMeo was mentioned by name there, too. I have never claimed the Arizona OROP-project for us or pretended that it has been our project. In fact, we have no interest in doing so. Everybody knows that this was and is a project of James DeMeo. This wasn't changed. The movie remained the same, with DeMeo at the centre. Later, he absurdly claimed that one could mix him up with me or that I had tried to pass as him. Firstly, I have no interest in posing as him and secondly, I don't need that. In the Cloudbusting-scene, DeMeo is a well-known figure. There are a lot of pictures of me on the website. So at least people know who I am. Maybe DeMeo needs a better PR-manager. The movie remained just the way it was. However, it was now intended to advertise our project of Worldwide Cloudbusting and therefore had a running byline. However, no one was interested in the tape, except for a friend of DeMeo who maybe wanted to spy on us.

"there after wrote to Trettin- Freihold, insisted that they cease selling this video, as well as many other videotapes of my Berlin lectures, which they were also selling without permissions. A lawyer in Germany was contacted, and preparations for a copyright infringement lawsuit were in development."

Well, we don't know of any lawyers involved. In a letter, we asked DeMeo to send us any contracts he possesses in order to clarify the matter through our lawyer (see letter to DeMeo below). But such writs weren't sent to us because they don't exist. DeMeo knew that we sold videos, including footage of him. Ultimately, these tapes were an advertisement for Reich as well as for the lecturer. But in the case of DeMeo, nobody wanted to have his lectures in all the years. The tapes sponsored the Orgonomic Video Archive, speakers received royalties of 5% per tape on demand.

When DeMeo didn't want this kind of representation, we took the tapes from the internet, including "Rain in the desert", when it became an issue with DeMeo. Under the light of this conflict, it didn't make sense to use tapes with our enemy at the centre. And, as I said, nobody wanted to have them anyway. Through the infamies of his letters (which I won't present yet) his name was removed from our site, just as he asked. Therefore, he can't complain today that his name can't be found, or his picture doesn't appear.

In general, all works that we documented are listed on the internet. DeMeo however was removed completely. He can't be found there anymore. This also applies to our report of the American journey (2).


As I said, whether we worked in Berlin or Arizona, whether our role was considered big or small by others - we can bring our photos online in any way we want. DeMeo himself pressured us to remove him from the sites! So only we are shown on the pictures.

Once again, we have no interest in interpreting Jim's work. Since he has linked a website of his own concerning this work, which can also be accessed from our site, I think this point is clarified.

"My blue Chevrolet Astrovan, and my cloudbuster Icarus are clearly seen in the various clips, but my image and name, and the name of the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, have been totally erased from view. For example: * http://www.trettin-tv.de/tamb.htm "

Jim, I hope your Astrovan is doing well. If you have gotten rid of him after 13 years, the clip is surely a nice memory. The same applies to Your Icarus. He was scrap metal even then and will surely be scrapped now. We don't see why we should put the name of the OBRL on our clips. We are the IOO !!!

"At this website there is a long list of the Orop Arizona video clips, extracted from the original "Rain in the Desert" production, along with a still photo of my cloudbusting equipment. It is all misrepresented as the work of Trettin- Freihold. Virtually every part of that video which shows them is carefully selected and publicly displayed, while every part that shows myself is edited out. No mention is made anywhere, of my central planning and directing role and work in the OROP Arizona project."

Jim, you finally have to relinquish the idea that this is your movie. The clips show us operating with You. That's a fact. They are not aimed at representing You and Your work. They are just clips in connection with the Cloudbusting trip and belong to us now. Since we don't cooperate anymore, what role would you have in such a clip?

"Likewise, additional video clips on "cloudbusting in Berlin" appearing at this web site are misrepresented as something exclusively from the Trettin-Freihold team. In fact, all those images are stolen from the Orgonomic Projekt Waldheilung, as mentioned above. The German video crew of Fischer-Freihold-Trettin made documentation of those experimental efforts in Germany, but as with the Arizona project, Mr. Trettin and Ms. Freihold misportray carefully-edited video clips from that working project as if it were their project, and none of the other centrally-involved participants are mentioned. It is true, that they were part of the working group for Orgonomic Projekt Waldheilung,"

There is nothing stolen about the Waldheilung-footage. Jim wants to criminalize us once again, a wish he had already expressed in a mail to us. These films are our property, too. They were produced by us on our own. 4 of us belonged to the 7 operators. Surely we can present our work… You, Jim, haven't done much for this group and your attempt to hide behind them now just shows that you want to usurp their work, too. That reminds me of our practical work in Berlin when you sat freezing in the warm bus while we others were out there operating the Cloudbuster. Also, the Berlin group doesn't belong to you. When will you finally stop making commandments for others in such a patriarchic manner.

-- I now skip all the passages that just express DeMeo's envy, how he goes over my photos, wants to judge them, associates himself with the different Cloudbuster types and their use, as if he had something to do with that, which he is of course not entitled to do. I also skip the primitive insults of this envy that tried to steal my work and then complains about how incompetent the theft was performed.

"To any serious scientific person, presumably theirs will be a failed effort, as the videos rarely if ever show Mr. Trettin or Ms. Freihold doing any real work; they are shown only walking around, smiling and aping for the camera while rock music resonates in the background, as one might see in a rock-star video -- this stands in contrast to detailed discussions of weather patterns and orgonotic phenomena as given on the original "Rain in the Desert" video, and for which I selected Beethoven as occasional background music. "

Well, sometimes I really have to doubt DeMeo's intelligence. The clips from "Rain in the desert" are not the movie "Rain in the desert". They were also not cut from the movie, but from original footage. They don't represent DeMeo's purism that requires a Beethoven, which, by the why, doesn't go with metal technology, and makes a rather stiff impression, just as DeMeo. Cloudbusting can be alive and show laughter. I know that DeMeo disapproves of this because he doesn't feel such a life himself, as I was able to observe on multiple occasions. Dead people in Orgonomy are a great danger.

Why should Rock'n roll not suit Orgonomy ??? Barring that the presentation of our clips is none of your business: Have you not been a rock musician yourself, Jim? And have you assessed this music just as negative back then and played anyway as a traitor, because you hoped for a career? Didn't you criticise Kate Bush in your article "So you want to build a cloudbuster", without naming her of course, because she made the video Cloudbusting with Donald Sutherland but didn't support you? And didn't you have masses of videos of her performances? Didn't you have a fondness for her music? Is that how you renounce the people you actually love? Not quite honest, Jim…

Apropos: Rock `n Roll is the music of life and initiated the cultural and sexual revolution of the 60s. You as sexual-economist should be able to appreciate this.

"As mentioned before, the entire business of their stealing other people's work is made all the worse, by the inclusion of Mr. Trettin's name, and the name, address and telephone of his "INSTITUT FUER ORGONFORSCHUNG UND ORGONTECHNIK" as a running banner in every video clip. We are also informed, that all of these selectively-edited video-clips are now organized by Mr. Trettin in a new video ("Was ist Cloudbusting? Theorie und Praxis, Vortrag mit Bildern und Videosequenzen") which completes the misrepresentation. "

Every videoclip is in mpg-norm and can therefore be downloaded freely. So a special protection was necessary, especially against people like you who like to steal. You can't do that anymore now. You can download the clips (which you have surely done already) and rejoice in the rock music, but you are always reminded of who has produced the clip. The running banner begins with the word "Publisher". That's us, the publishers, and the banner says nothing else. Also, you can't claim that these clips belong to you in front of others because of these banners. The mpg-form makes it possible that these videos are now accessible for everyone, whereas you would surely have preferred to lock them away, just as the "Rain in the desert" movie.

I hope the reader understands that our work is public here, too.

The video "Was ist Cloudbusting, Theorie und Praxis, Vortrag mit Bildern und Videosequenzen" doesn't exist yet !!! It was a decoy. I wanted to get to know the people you would send to spy on us. I have the name now…

There can be no "misinterpretation", as you wrote, since the tape doesn't even exist. Therefore, nobody can know its content. You were taken in here and your lie has been revealed. How many lies do you want to spread about me yet? This whole story about the tape with the clips was just invented by you in order to discredit my Cloudbusting work. So be careful with your lies! People will you out…

"This kind of willful deception raises other questions: What about all the other video clips posted to the Trettin- Freihold websites, on the subjects of Reich's orgone accumulator, bions, Experiment 20, and so forth -- are these also a fraudulent misrepresentation of other people's work? "

That's pretty impudent, wanting to tell people outside Germany about our Orgone-accumulator clips, although you know exactly that we build accumulators. This is slanderous and malicious, especially since you received video plans from me, enabling you to build accumulators in the USA in the first place, whether you want to deny this or not. Your accumulator-handbook is a joke compared to our video construction material. In your lectures in Berlin I saw only pictures of works that can never be yours and with which you earn your money. And now you want to tell people that our material is not ours. I do believe that You haven't performed the Experiment XX - we, on the other hand, have !!!

We have the best, I repeat, the best videos on the web. However, because of the banners you can't steal them. You will never be able to present such good work, because you have fallen far behind in biology, data acquisition and documentation. You are just an awkward Orgonomist who anxiously tries to bash others, not just me.

Didn't you live with your girlfriend and didn't you want to lay the blame for building Orgone-accumulators on her in order to protect yourself? Didn't you ask me in 1989 to come to America and build Orgone-accumulators there and don't you act today like you've got nothing to do with Orgone-accumulator production?

Didn't you register your malicious website under search word "Orgonakkumulator" to present us as untrustwothy in the eyes of potential customers?

Today, everybody knows that we are the biggest producers of Orgone-accumulators worldwide. We send Orgone-accumulators around the world. Who would ever consider that we haven't produced our own videos in the course of that work?

I hope that others won't be intimidated of you either. It is a tragedy that people like you, characterologically unqualified, have such an influence on Orgonomy. It is a danger to our work, which could be undermined and misrepresented by you.

Another passage of DeMeo's botch I leave uncommented, as it speaks for itself, revealing the author's true motives:

"This pattern of willful distortion and open stealing of other people's hard work by Trettin and Freihold has been going on now for many years, and on several different occasions, I wrote to them, making private appeals to both reason and to copyright laws, asking them to stop. While they did stop the open selling of the original "Rain in the Desert" video, avoiding a lawsuit, the misrepresentation and fabrication of new video clips based upon my original OROP Arizona project materials has become even more outrageous. Nothing so far has worked, to have them stop with the open stealing, and the simultaneous public sniping. For these reasons, I have decided, for the first time, to break my silence on the matter, and make some of the pertinent details public. The more serious matter, of an untrained angry individual using a large cloudbuster in central Germany, someone apparently so lacking in work experience and honesty that he must steal other people's work in order to fabricate a public image of competence, speaks to the more serious issue of operator character structure, something which should concern everyone living in Europe, irrespective of any disagreements they might have with myself on other matters (ie, see: So You Want to Build a Cloudbuster).

It should also be noted, clearly and openly, that Mr. Juergen Fischer, who originally contacted me in 1988 and who was a leading member of the original German video team, is not implicated in any of the malicious activities which are detailed here -- Mr. Fischer separated from working contact with Trettin-Freihold years earlier, and played no role whatsoever in this deliberate stealing of other people's work, and in fact remains sympathetic to my position on the matter, in spite of some disagreements between us on other issues. He also has been carefully edited out of the various video clips, and also from Mr. Trettin's revisionist-history of the Berlin Reich scene."

The person that DeMeo mentions is not the director of the video archive. Of course, DeMeo wants to see this person as director. Both have no access to our archive today. The most important archive work is protected by us.

The person DeMeo refers to has posted the following on many banners of Berlin websites: "22 psychic conversations with Wilhelm Reich and Hildegard von Bingen…" - those can be read on the Internet.

Anyone can get an idea of what that is about by visiting the site. With his statement, James DeMeo protects such persons while attacking the excellent orgonomic work of the IOO.

Also, he never criticised the publishing of psychic interviews with Reich by Reichians. That's what it's like.

My criticism was answered with the threat of a lawsuit which I could fight off. My lawyer is a star-lawyer - not cheap, but excellent. Since I have him I can sleep well.

"It must be again emphasized that during the entire Prop Arizona 1989 project, the role of the German video team was solely restricted to making videotapes, and also to undertaking a few manual tasks such as lifting heavy equipment, and on occasion to help set-up and take-down various apparatus. Their assistance during the operations in this regard was greatly appreciated, and publicly acknowledged and thanked repeatedly, in lecures and various published papers I wrote on the Arizona project. However, they played no role whatsoever in the organization or implementation, or operational plans, for any aspect of the Arizona cloudbusting experiment, and any claims otherwise, openly or as implied in their carefully-edited video clips, is a fraud. "

This shows once again the un-work-democratic character of DeMeo. Not only did we help him with his expedition so that he was able to sleep in a motel, but we also supported him in Berlin, provided lodging, transport and a lot more there. This is how you are devaluated, because the real work is brain work, everything else is for mere mechanics. DeMeo lives in the wrong century here. Obviously, he hasn't ever heard of Wilhelm Reich and work democracy. In Germany, he behaved authoritarian and like a conqueror.

So DeMeo breaks his silence to set an end to the raging thievery. Interesting! Even in the lifetime of Jerome Eden, DeMeo posed himself at the centre of the last phase of his work. In the journal, he celebrated himself, without mentioning the long lasting work of Eden. This led to some uproar in America and brought DeMeo the allegation of being uncooperative and stealing other's intellectual property. Many will recall the respective interview with DeMeo.

Now, DeMeo has allied himself with the Anti-Orgone league in Germany. The man who doesn't see or hear anything himself. New instructions from Reich straight from heaven, the abolishment of Orgone energy in Germany - that's the company DeMeo keeps, the people he cooperates with, whom he defends if he can and whom he doesn't criticise unless it is inevitable and he can't pretend he doesn't know what's going on.

The only adversary he fears: The IOO-Institute for Orgone research and Orgone technology - for him the new enemy.

Through your criticism you had to leave your cover, James DeMeo. Now you stand in the public. You have created a webpage to operate against us: www.orgonelab.org/trettin.htm Without informing us. It can't be found on your official webpage. However, it was mentioned in your OBRL news which we don' receive. An American friend has informed us.

Please take note of this: We supply services for many people today, while your Cloudbusting doesn't play a vital role in Reichian work. Be happy that we helped you and don't obstruct our work anymore.

This is still our country. We don't need questionable figures like you here, so stay at home. You are not welcome here. The age of the great conquerors is over. You are just a nuisance. We have no interest in you, neither in fighting you nor in exposing you. Do something for your country, if you can, but leave us be. Maybe you will be subject to critical observation someday. However, this will not be about harmless clips but about your Cloudbusting work. I have never heard that you studied meteorology or how you learned Cloudbusting. Your work, that is becoming more and more public, is being criticised. I have already heard such criticism in Berlin and was also addressed from America. So be careful, because your course of action may be a dangerous one for yourself…

As appendix the direct letter from the 14.06.2001 to James DeMeo concerning our film

"Rain in the desert":

Hello James DeMeo,

We have removed all videos that bear your name from our Internet videos-lists. The same applies to our video-flyer. You won't find "Rain in the desert" on our pages either. De facto, no one was interested in your work anyway and so it was no hard decision to delete it all. So we could only remove your work and your name from our site as if they had never existed. We have tried to do both as thorough as possible. Should you read your name on one of our pages again, we will remove it there, too.

"Rain in the desert" is not a trademark. You can't forbid us showing footage of Cloudbusting in a free country, the USA, on open ground at the Colorado River. We have never made a contract with you that implied letting me work for free and securing rights for you, too. And I don't think any court would see a sense in that. This kind of exploitation is only found in sects.

I have to repeat here that it was never my intention to make a movie just for you and also for free. My interest was to further Worldwide Cloudbusting as an independent movie producer, at a time when I still thought that you would represent that. But when I got to know you better in Berlin, I recognized this was wrong. Anyway, until our breaking up, it was ok by me that you use my work and not your own. In 1993 at the latest I was the last one who tolerated that. After the threat of a lawsuit, you have become completely useless for my video work and can therefore no longer be considered by us in name, picture, film, sound or scripture.

The idea that someone could mix me up with you, as you suggested, is quite absurd, considering my fame. My photos are accessible on the Internet for everyone to see. This doesn't seem to apply to your person. I have no interest in being mixed up with you. There were never opening credits to "Rain in the desert" that presented me as director of the Cloudbuster operation. Your German friends have misinformed you.

Whereas I find it absurd that you feel you own the rights for this footage and for "Rain in the desert". There is no contract with such a paragraph.

Potential intentions uttered by J. F., no matter what they might have been, are no contract - especially not with me. Also, I never worked in one of his firms, neither as an employee nor as independent worker. The Orgonomic Video Archive was a project. All footage belongs to me now.

All possible scriptures that were presented to you by your angelic friend I will check for authenticity.

I hope that all is clarified now.

Should you consider filing a lawsuit against me, please send me written documents that you consider contracts. Until now, you have moralised much in yor letter from the 17.5., but you couldn't present any original documents to support your claims.

In the case of a lawsuit against me I will give any documents to my lawyer for examination, determining whether or not they are sufficient for copyright demands. After discussing the legal situation with my lawyer I am prepared for a legal dispute. I have already presented the case of the video rights to him. If your lawyer writes to me, I will give an assignment to my lawyer and afterwards, I won't have anything to do with the matter.

If a court finds that I possess the rights, I will consider legal action against you, as you have no permission from me to use my film "Rain in the desert" indefinitely. The tapes I gave you were an item of loan from me and thus they belong to me. I have not received any money for this work, not even a donation as acknowledgement. Instead I was discriminated in your newsletters.

Just to remind you: From May 6th to May 10th, we have worked hard together, especially at the Colorado River - not just you. The film shows this, too. Not only have I sat in your house in El Cerito, but also you have sat in my residence in Berlin and slept in my bed, with boots.

All in all, I want to reprove you at the end of this letter. Apart from your malicious newsletters, which discredited many of my colleagues in the USA, but especially in Germany (I possess a lot of them by now) it is not only ungrateful but also impertinent to threaten with lawsuits those who have tried to help you for the best. Furthermore, threatening me with instigating others to sue against me, too, only because I have not met with your wishes as well as the threat to criminalize me just reveals your character once more.

You should be ashamed of yourself for that.

John Trettin

P.S.: I reserve myself making this letter internationally available.

We deeply regret the attacks of James DeMeo that arose just because of some clips that were uploaded by us. We don't think that we have to portray or fight DeMeo as a representative of emotional plague. However, it is necessary to determinedly face wrong accusations, lies and defamations aimed at discrediting our work. This is how this documentation of DeMeo's uncooperative machinations is to be understood. It complied with DeMeo's own wish not to be mentioned by us. So his name doesn't appear on any of our site except ours. Also, we present no pictures or footage where he can be seen.

This documentation that was forced upon us by DeMeo will remain on the web as long as DeMeo's lampoon can also be found on the Internet.

Pictures and videos of our Arizona-journey remain!

update 2004

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