International Parliament for Safety and Peace

The International Parliament for Safety and Peace (IPSP) has been founded on the 15th of December 1975 by authorized representatives and delegates of nations and international and national organizations. The Republics Cyprus, Senegal and Mali ascended by supporting letters.  The International Parliament for Safety and Peace encloses several international organizations and endowments internationally which are exclusively working for the  benefit of mankind in order to raise consciousness about the principles of the declaration of universal human rights. Within this conviction is to be looked of the IPSP also as the uppermost authority within the world view community of universal human rights as the IPSP is neither chained to the rule of a Security Council nor does it rule against nations with any kind of military resolutions.

The network within the IPSP shows an open group to which members can join. Members in senses of the constitution of the IPSP are solely states or state associations, international and national NGO's as well as charitable foundations.

The I.P.S.P. stands for a long-term, unaligned network that promotes world peace and justice among the nations