Von: joel carlinsky
Datum: 02/12/05 16:06:02
history of orgonomy after reich

Ten years after Reich died, Dr. Ellsworth Baker founded the College of Orgonomy. He claimed he was delegated by Reich to carry on Orgonomy. This was false. Reich's will shows that that was Eva Reich's job. Baker had only been in charge of training therapists, which is only a small part of the total work of orgonomy. But the ACO claimed the right to control the entire
field of orgonomy. Baker was very far to the right politicaly, and gathered a group of like-minded people, who soon developed a doctrine that anyone on the left of the political spectrum was mentally ill and part of a Russian
plot against freedom. The Journal of Orgonomy published numerous articles accusing liberals and anti-war protesters of being psychopaths, etc. Therapy was not considered to be successfull until the patient agreed with the politics of the therapist. In the early 70s three orgonomists, Ellsworth Baker, Courtney Baker, and Richard Blasband, along with Jerome Eden, were
given Honorary Knighthoods by the Knights of Malta, an organization that claimed to be a Papal Order of nobility that was established by the Popes in the Middle Ages. The head of the organization at that time was Charles Pitchel, who in the 1930s had asked Adolph Hitler to apoint him his personal representative in America. Dr. Richard Blasband, was in charge of the ACO cloudbusting program at the time. He was photographed with Pitchel standing in front of his cloudbuster. The photo was printed in a Knights of Malta pamphlet that described the ACO research facility in Pennsylvania as '' a Knights of Malta research facility''. Pitchel and Blasband corresponded on the subject of doing a joint cloudbusting project in Africa. The project was never done, but in the correspondence, Dr. Blasband addresses the former Nazi as '' My dear brother knight''. In the late 70s, James DeMeo was for a short time an assistant to Dr. Blasband. If he ever had any training in cloudbusting that is where he got it. Blasband has now left the ACO, having become a follower of a Russian psychic healer, Nikolai Levishov, whose methods of treatment he is now using. Although he now thinks the effect of the cloudbuster is at least partly due to the unconscious psychic powers of the operator, not just to the actual physical device, as Reich thought, he remains on very good terms with DeMeo, who is normally very quick to criticize any such mysticism, and lectures frequently at DeMeos' place. DeMeo parted company with the ACO at about the same time as Blasband, and is also no longer on good terms with them. DeMeo, who is always so quick to criticize people for who their contacts are, and especially any contact with
Nazis, seems to have missed the fact that his friend and mentor was a member of an organization headed by one. A further note on Dr. Blasband: While he was a student, and while Reich was still alive, he did a cloudbusting operation without Reichs' permission, which nearly sank several ships at sea. Reich was considered him too irresponsible to be involved in
cloudbusting, and asked his training therapist, Dr. Baker, to ''ease Blasband out of orgonomy'', but Baker saw Blasband as such an enthusiastic student that he did not do so. After Reichs' death, the Baker group that later became the nucleus of the ACO hired a young meterology graduate student, Ralph Markson, to do cloubusting. When Blasband, 5 years later,
finished his medical training and wanted to take over the cloudbusting program, he obtained some tapes of talks Markson had given, made some cuts and splices to change what Markson had said, and played the altered tape at a meeting at which Markson was not present. Markson was fired, and Blasband became head of the research program. Markson is now on the faculty at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is the top-ranking atmospheric physicist in the USA, but because of this bad experience he will not talk about cloudbusting.


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