Von: joel carlinsky
Datum: 02/14/05 00:54:39


In the 1960s, Orgonomy was to a large extent hijacked by the far right in the form of the College of Orgonomy, which was at that time the largest and most active, if not the only publicly active, organization in the field. By acting as if they represented all of Orgonomy, instead of only one faction within a rather broad movement, they gave outsiders the impression
that Orgonomy was Right-wing, socially conservative, suportive of the U.S. military and dictatorial regarding who could and could not practice therapies dervived from Reichs' findings. As a direct result, many people who were initialy well-disposed to orgonomic ideas were driven away because they were also against the Viet-Nam war, racism, and social injustices, or involved in therapies that the self-appointed guardians of Reichs' legacy disaproved of. I met many honest, decent liberals who resented being called psychopaths and emotional plague characters by psychiatrists whom they regarded as apologists for imperialism and injustice. Now, things have changed. The ACO is less prominent now, as other Reichian groups that did
not exist then have arisen, the internet has facilitated communication, and the body of literature in orgonomy has grown. And with the end of Communism, Reichs' anti-Communist writtings of the 50s cannot be used any longer to justify a broad spectrum of conservative policies that Reich himself never endorsed. But with new conditions come new problems. Now James DeMeo is by far the most prominent Reichian, and much more active on the public scene that the ACO ever was. Between the internet and his tireless efforts to promote himself and his version of orgonomy, his publications, overseas
tours, and numerous public speaking engagements, he is for all practical purposes the public face of orgonomy at this time. Unfortunately, he is repeating the mistakes of the ACO by trying to monopolize orgonomy in an authoritarian manner, and by ceaslessly campaigning against Islam in the manner of the ACO polemics against Communism in the past. REGARDLESS OF THE DEGREE OF TRUTH OF HIS CLAIMS AGAINST ISLAM ( many of which I happen to agree with) he is harming the long-range interests of orgonomy by identifying it with the blatantly false propaganda and totalitarian policies
of the currentb American dictatorship which is so universally dispised. If orgonomy is not to lose another generation of potential suporters, who will turn away in disgust from apologetics for tyrany instead of seeing Reichs' discoveries as a road to freedom, the burgeoning Orgonomic community must firmly repudiate DeMeos' pretense that his personal political preferences
are in some way derived from and representative of Reichs' findings. IN NO BRANCH OF SCIENCE CAN ANY SINGLE POINT OF VIEW CLAIM TO BE THE ONLY TRUE ONE. It would have been ludicrous even at the hight of the cold war for American scientists to declare that Communists could not do good work in physics, or for Russian scientists to forbid American scientists to work in their chosen fields. As long as Dr. DeMeo follows the ACO tradition of attempting to excommicate fellow Reichians with whom he disagrees or who will not accept his leadership, it is imperative for the Reichian community to distance itself from him and his ill-advised political campaigns. Otherwise, orgonomy may become enbroiled in matters that do not concern it and be conscripted into a war that not all Reichians consider theirs.

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