Von: John Trettin
Datum: 24. Februar 2005 00:27

Hi Bob,

Thank you for your letter, but because of the importance of the subject, I want to respond to it publicly: A few years ago, when I believed in the positive propaganda surrounding DeMeo, I seeked contact with him and it took a while until I learned about his character that had absolutely nothing to do with Orgonomy. He has tried to drag a lot of people in the mud of his own accord and seems to think he is the Orgone-inquisition. We will set an end to this.

Every psychiatrist knows why a person does something like this, namely to hide his own smutty character. I have helped him a lot, but it was a fault of him to call me a thief and liar. That will be his undoing. Maybe at his next visit in Germany, there will be an opportunity to arrest him to hand him over to the Public Prosecution Service, where he will be questioned because of the damage he has caused in Europe because of incompetent Cloudbusting. In my eyes, he is an Orgone criminal and there are a lot of people in Germany who tend to share my opinion. But the Public Prosecution Service will speak the last word here.

We have already established a homepage http://www.cloudbusting.de with the search-word "Staatsanwaltschaft" ("Public Prosecution Service").

DeMeo reminds me of the KGB. Many german resistance fighters who fled to the Soviet Union had to realize back then what the Stalin- regime was like. The floors of Hotel Lux were rife with fear. This is just what it's like right now in the USA. The names may have changed - the conditions are the same. As far as I am concerned, this is not Wilhelm Reich anymore.

I am in favour of freedom and I hope every decent American shares this attitude, but this also means to fight for the freedom. Should I lose friends due to my honest criticism (as you wrote), they are surely no real friends. For example, I was shocked by the passivity of my friend Jamie Ogg, about whom DeMeo wrote in a private letter to me:

.." A tragic situation, he, posing as a friend of orgonomy, in reality a little man, emotional plague dictator who does no work in orgonomy at all, only sitting at his computer, using his journal as a weapon against those who are actually doing something. "..

I told this to Jamie Ogg.

I can't understand how someone can endure something like this. There is a responsibility towards freedom. If you can't lead freedom in America, then we in Europe will have to do so. DeMeo has no right to write to persons in Europe, especially Germany, and claim that our orgonomic work is not serious. It is among the best worldwide!!! And working people defend their work.

If more people in the USA would work, there would be no place for DeMeos, because he wants to prevent others from working. Instead, he conspires with people who claim to talk to Wilhelm Reich in heaven.

That's what your "Orgonomist" is like. Interestingly, this repression is defended, but not the those who are attacked. Even worse, the attacked don't want to defend themselves. This reminds me of George Orwells Animal Farm.

No matter if one does share my point of view - I hope that the kind of Orgonomy that DeMeo stands for will die, because it is fascistoid, just like DeMeo. I am independent, untainted and impossible to prosecute.

Now on the subject of Carlinsky. Carlinsky has done nothing to me. He has accepted all conditions for our contact and has also stuck to his promise. There is nothing I could say against him. If he assumes that there are fascistoid, I can understand very well that he has pursued them, even if I don't share the choice of his methods. The campaign against him is wrong and inhuman. He was himself a victim of social exclusion, just like Lowen, Kelly and others. Carlinsky was the only one who has helped me against DeMeo! The only one! Therefore, I thank him.

We will now expose DeMeos character in Germany and hope to achieve that he will never be able to enter this country again. The USA are a big county and he will be preserved there for you.

I wish your Ma the best for her recovery and hope she will live long.

Also all the best to you, Bob.

Best regards, John

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