Von: Joel Carlinsky
Datum: Freitag, 11. März 2005 19:31


Dr. James DeMeo sends material to this list on an almost daily basis on the subject of terrorism, of which he seems to disaprove. For some reason he seems very intolerant of terrorists. While there are some terrorists who give terrorism a bad name, many of them are normal, decent people who have taken up terrorism for the same reason Dr. DeMeo has taken up orgonomy, namely, that it offers a way to make the world a better place. Instead of blanket condemnation of all terrorists, it would be better if Dr. DeMeo would take a more detached and scientific view, and recognize the great variations among terrorists, and the humanitarian motives that inspire many of the better sort of terrorists. I am sure there are many terrorists in orgonomy who Dr. DeMeo would not be so quick to condemn. Wilhelm Reich himself once threatened to ''drown the east coast'' when he got notice of the injuction against his work. Trevor Constable, while employed by the American College of Orgonomy, wrote a letter to Robert McCullough saying ''it is my policy to bring storms into Los Angeles to blow the place inside out to induce social change''. I showed a copy of that letter to Jerome Eden, who sent it to Ellsworth Baker, and the ACO held an emergency meeting and Constable got fired-over the strenuous objections of Dr. Richard Bladsband, who remained on very friendly terms with him for at least several more years. Blasband, in fact, offered to resign from the ACO and go into a cloudbusting business partnership with Constable, but Constable talked him out of it on the grounds that Constable would need a spy in the ACO in the years ahead.( For documentation on this matter, see The C.OR.E. Manual, by Jerome Eden.) Yet Dr. DeMeo remains on very friendly terms with Blasband, with whom he collaborates frequently, and at least on cordial terms with Constable. It seems that he is rather selective in his choice of which terrorists to attack.

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