Von: Joel Carlinsky
Datum: Samstag, 12. März 2005 21:03


The material I was refering to is posted on DeMeos website in the section on ''Skeptics and Other Irrational Critics'' in a recently added postscript to the article criticising John Trettin about the ''Rain In The Desert'' production. In general, I am fully convinced on the basis of my own work in orgone biophysics, that Orgone Energy exists, and displays the characteristics Reich described. I have built and used accumulators, DOR-busters, and cloudbusters, I have done ORANUR work and produced ORUR, I have done Experiment XX, and had tutoring in orgone biophysics from Eva Reich. DeMeos attempt to frame me as a ''skeptic'' ignores my more than 100 cloudbusting operations in the USA and Australia. I think Reich was right about developmental psychology and childraising practices. I think he was right about sociopolitical theory, but would like to see more rigorous studies done to prove it. I think he failed to develop an effective form of therapy, and that therapy on adults is not cost-effective, no matter what the subjective impressions of patients and therapists might be. I get along fine with many Reichians, including Charles Kelly, David Boadella, Paul Ritter, and Eva Reich. But I refuse to buy into the total Reichian mind-set. I regard the right-wing pseudoreichian political nonsense as a rationalization for typical American conservatism, and the conspiracy-theorists, both left and right, as projecting their unsatisfied curiosoty at age five about what Daddy and Mommy are up to behind closed doors onto a larger stage as adults. I think DeMeo and his allies are doing orgonomy a long-term diservice by linking it to a particular political ideology, just as Ellsworth Baker did 35 years ago when many well-meaning decent people were discouraged from an interest in orgonomy by being denounced as psycopaths and emotional plague characters for being against the Viet Nam war or police brutality. To answer your last question, I am not currently active in orgone physics work, but hope to be again someday.

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