Von: Joel Carlinsky
Datum: Fr 18, Feb 2005 17:12

Magnitude: 6.7 (Mw)

Duration:15 Seconds

Number of Injured:9,000+

Number of Deaths:51

Epicenter: 20 Miles NW of Los Angeles

Beneath the San Fernando Valley

Direct and Indirect Costs: $ 44 Billion in damage

$ 30 Billion received in federal and private insurance funds

$ 800 Billion replacement value on taxable property

Structural Damage (Buildings): 25,000 Dwellings uninhabitable

7,000 Buildings red-tagged1

22,000 Buildings yellow-tagged2

9 Hospitals closed (2,500 beds lost)

9 Parking garages collapsed

Moment steel frames suffered huge, unexpected cracks

Structural Damage (Highways/ Bridges/Ports):

Portions of 11 major roads into Los Angeles had to close

2 Bridges on the I-10 Santa Monica Freeway collapsed

3 Bridges on Route 118 Simi Valley Freeway collapsed

2 Bridges on I-5 at the 14 interchange collapsed

2 Bridges (Gavin Canyon Bridges) on I-5 collapsed

Miscellaneous Facts: 22,000 People were left homeless

Costliest disaster in US history


(Mw) = Moment Magnitude

1Red-Tagged: Structure is severly damaged; "unsafe" to occupy

2Yellow-Tagged: Structure is moderately damaged; authorized for "limiteduse"/"restricted use"


Above is the report on the disasterous San Fernando Valley earthquake of 1994. This earthquake took place in an area where the Reichcloudbuster was in use in an effort to combat a drought. The following will attempt to establish a connection between the cloudbusting operations andthe earthquake.


At the time of the earthquake, a cloudbusting project had been underway for several days, consiting of seven cloudbuster mounted on truckstraveling up and down the west coast. The southernmost point from which they operated was an undisclosed location in the San Fernando Valley. Since the cloudbuster needs water grounding to be effective, and there is no surfacewater in the San Fernando Valley, the cloudbuster must have been groundedinto a well, which means it was grounded into the underground water table.The underground water table in that area consists of highly porous rockpermeated by water under high presure. This waterlogged rock containsbillions upon billions of tiny cells which contain water. The rock is quitebrittle.The cells are quite fragile.

It is well known in orgonomy that orgone energy has an expansive effect. Reich discussed this quite clearly inseveral of his publications. Living organisms, the atmosphere, and inparticular, water, expand under the influence of orgone. What would belikely to happen if a cloudbuster was drawing a lot of energy into a sealed container of water? If the container was not strong enough to with stand the increase in presure it would rupture. It might be expected that the billionsupon billions of microscopic cells in the porous rock making up the watertable in the valley would start to crack and shatter. This would create vibrations which would, in turn, shater more brittle rock, and in an areaprone to earthquakes, trigger an earthquake. Is this in fact what did happen? the cloudbuster was drawing all night.

A check of the weather maps and satillite photos for the several daysbefore, durring, and after the earthquake, shows a small low developing offthe coast two days before the earthquake. If I was trying to bring rain, I would have drawn from an area next to that low to increase it. The maps and photos show it increasing just as would be expected if a cloudbuster was aimed at a point near it. The rate of increase is consistant with anall-night draw. The report of the cloudbusting project shows an all-nightdraw was in fact what was done. The operation was quite successfull; The earthquake was around 4:00 A.M.; the rains came ashore just in time to hamper the relief efforts.I consider it highly likely that this sequence of events and close juxtaposition of cloudbusting and the earthquake is more than just coincidental. If one takes into account the known characteristic of orgone energy to cause water to expand, the likelihood of an earthquake when the ground in an earthquake- prone are starts crubling and vibrating, and the timing of the quake after an all-night draw, one may reasonably conclude that a cause-and-effect relationship may exist. The drought-breaking work was being conducted by a group known as the C.O.R.E. Network, under the direction of Dr. James DeMeo.


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