Von: joel carlinsky
Datum: Mi 16, Feb 2005 18:57

First, I am very well aware that there has been-and still is- a lot of predjudice against Reichian work in the accademic community. What I was refering to was the total lack of arrests and prosecutions by law enforcement officers, a very different thing, as I am sure you will agree. Second, I have done quite a bit of cloudbusting myself, as well as laboratory research, including ORANUR work, and, for what it is worth, I had private tutoring in orgone biophysics from Eva Reich, and have a letter from her saying so and stating that she considers me "very knowledgeable in this field".

I also have a long-standing involvement in the environmental movement, and it was on that basis that I became aware that DeMeo was doing a great deal of ecological harm with his cloudbusting. I have written several articles critiquing his work, and sent one of them to this list. I have found that he has displayed a very arrogant and clos-minded attitude when someone tries to advise him. He seems to think he is THE expert in orgonomy. He is not the second comming of Reich, and neither is he an orgonomic Pope, who can excommunicate others from the work at will.

His understanding of orgone biophysics is not anywhere near as great as so many people seem to think it is from reading his well-written and articulate self-congratulatory articles, in fact, he is simply not well-versed in the natural sciences at all, but people like you, who do not know enough about science to detect his errors, fall for his writtings and think he is the greatest thing to hit orgonomy since Reich. In Africa, as in nearly every other place he has done cloudbusting, he screwed up. And even if he had infact done as much good as he claims to have done, THAT IS NO EXCUSE FOR KILLING EVEN A SINGLE INNOCENT VICTIM.

One simply cannot get away with murder by pointing to all the good one has done. Even a good person who has done a lot of good deeds should not there by be allowed to commit a murder. Regarding the names I mentioned, and many I did not, some of them had training and some did not. Of those who did, some were-and are- well-trained and some are not. Training does not seem to matter as much as the personality of the therapist and the "chemistry" between the therapist and the patient. It was primarilly the Baker group that put so much over-emphasis on "training", and resorted to name-calling and slander against anyone doing Reichian therapy without their consent. They did not just stick to doing their own work, and leave other practicioners alone; they actively tried to ruin the livlihood of other therapists who had not in any way harmed them. This is not just normal business competition; it is the exact same power-tripping the AMA engages in. It is the tactic of a control-freak who cannot stand to see something he cannot control. They tried the exact same thing with orgon physics and cloudbusting, insisting that nobody should be allowed to do orgon physics work without their consent.

I have read Reichs' Last Will and Testament very carefully and I cannot recall seeing that he left the earths' atmosphere to Ellsworth Baker, Richard Blasband, or James DeMeo, who has simply inherited from his former association with the ACO the idea that he and those authorized by him are the only ones who have a right to do cloudbusting. DeMeos' claim to own the atmosphere is not unique; I heard it from Blasband many years before anyone ever heard of DeMeo. It is based on exactly the same reason as the claim to own the rights to Reichian therapy: a lust for power.


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