Freihold / Trettin has done one interview with Morton Herskowitz in 1989. The web page was created by Beate Freihold. The photo was done by Beate Freihold. And the transcript was from Thomas Klein for John Trettin. In 1993 Freihold / Trettin have done some recordings of the lectures of Morton Herskowitz ("Psychiatrische Orgontherapie" and "Erinnerungen an Wilhelm Reich") in Germany, Waldbrunn, University Heidelberg, University Hamburg, Institut und Poliklinik für Medizin und Psychotherapie der technischen Universität München, im Rahmen des klinischen Kolloquiums mit Prof. Manfred von Rad am 5.11.93. The last one was the only combination lecture because there was no german translation and so still time to present some parts of the "recalls on Reich". This part is not complete. We know the manuscripts by Morton Herskowitz of the two lectures for germany. There were two separates. This combination lecture comes from the video of Freihold / Trettin. It is the only recording of this combination. This was posted on PORE: "DR. HERSKOWITZ LECTURE IN GERMANY, DECEMBER 1993 provided by PORE -- posted (98may23)" without any identification of their source- the Freihold/ Trettin recording in munic. Ogg had not our permission to load our recording on Ogg could not show any paper with permissions. The full lecture with introduction and complete questions and answers is archived by the Orgonomic Video Archive Freihold / Trettin Germany.

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