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We do, what other people dream about

Cloudbusting by the Orgone Institute Germany - soon in the USA?

Orgone-weather in Nümbrecht, Germany, Saturday, 17.7.2004

In the morning the sky was this clear…


…whereas in the evening, dark clouds gathered


in the afternoon there were also showers in between…



The pressure was 1015 Pa, relative moisture in the laboratory 82%.

The mercury thermometers inside showed (at 2 PM):

T = 24,6 degree Celsius. To(1) = 24,5 degree Celsius. To(5) = 24,6 degree Celsius

The logger outside showed at the same time:

T = 17,63 degree Celsius. To = 17,75 degree Celsius. To-T = 0,12 degree Celsius

Today, the orgone temperature inside was To-T Minus 0,1 and 0 degree Celsius respectively

Outside, temperature was higher with To-T = 0,12 degree Celsius

Measurement after the first shower at 2 PM.

The electroscopes showed:

E = 2 seconds Eo = 11 seconds

This results in a very high ratio of Eo-E = 5,5 with extremely low voltage

In this comparison, To-T was Zero, the ratio of Eo-E = 5,5 was very high.

Today, To-T and Eo-E diverged again, following my hypothesis:

Often, when Eo-E ratio is high, To-T is low.


John Trettin operating a cloudbuster

While there is ample moisture in germany at the moment and no cloudbusting is taking place there, the situation in the US is totally different. Not only is the water level so low that there will be increased drought this year, there have also been fires in several states of the US. Apparently, Americans cannot cope with the problem on their own and could use our assistance.

Of course we would be willing to perform Cloudbusting in the United States and solve the problems there.

If there is an investor from the US who would like to finance such a project, we hereby ask him to contact us.

World Wide Cloudbusting

OrgonInstitut Haus Dr. Hermann Trettin


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Ever since the beginning of our continuous cloudbusting activity in Berlin, we have used maps from the ZDF for coordination of our operations. We thank the ZDF for their good presentation of the german weather.,1872,1000031,00.html



Till this day, Wilhelm Reich is not taught at universities. Furthermore, there is no university research in the field of orgonomy. This research is accomplished entirely by private institutions and, as far as germany is concerned, only by the "Wilhelm Reich Orgoninstitut" in Nümbrecht.

Many challenges await us. These will only be overcome if our work gets financial support. In particular, we need the support of institutions or individuals who can afford to spend larger sums. With 100.000 EUR or 1.000.000 EUR, many projects could be initiated in order to promote research, stimulate vegetation and allow for PR to further investments. The stagnation of the life energy orgone is a big threat to all of us. The air we breathe doesn't supply us appropriately anymore, unknown diseases develop and finally, nature and atmosphere die. It is up to you to counteract this creeping death if you have the financial resources.

Support life by supporting the "Wilhelm Reich Orgoninstitut" in Nümbrecht

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