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Rainmaking in Arabia


We are glad to be able to present to you 'Project Rain-Making' today. It is astonishing that this technology was kept silent for so long while the first greening of deserts took place more than 55 years ago. This had mainly to do with political interests in the USA and therefore doesn't state anything about the value of this technology. We are on the edge of the 'energetic age' and everywhere in the world research and work is done in this particular field.

The lack of interest by the conventional physics in the scientific depiction of the ether did the further. Since Albert Einstein the functions which have previously been ascribed to the ether are merely the mathematical results of the bending of space. But there are researches which postulate an elementary energy (alpha) with which you can actually operate in a scientific way. This includes the creation of rain.
The creation of rain in Portugal, Spain, Africa, Arabia, Israel, Australia and the USA has become possible through us.

Rainmaking denotes processes which:

a) draw in moisture from areas with higher humidity or
b) create rain directly as well as
c) influence and/or purge a to this day (by science not described) stagnation (ES) of the atmosphere

The ultimate consequence of this is rain and therefore the ability for the greening of areas.
Rainmaking is (amongst others) applicable for desert-regions in which it:

a) never rains
b) rarely rains and
c) areas which suffer from a general drought

Rainmaking is despite its achievements an experimental exercise. A 100% success can not be promised.

It was applied in 1989 in the Mohave-desert California/Arizona, USA and in Germany in the year 1990. Both operations have been a success.

The results were:
1.) The emergence of wind
2.) A decline in temperature
3.) The accumulation of clouds
4.) Rain

As a participant of these operations i can confirm this and i warrent for it.

Similar operation in the same desert in 1954 generated a new green area within a radius of 60 kilometers, so that cattle was put out to graze in the new sprout prairie.
Testings in the arabic desert have not taken place yet but theoretically the prospects for a success are quite good.

As an indication:
For outstanding results a financier should:
a) have an interest in the falling of rain and /or
b) have an interest in supporting such a project with the hope for success

The duration of the project would be assessed around 6 months at first, whereat the first results could manifest after only days or weeks.

A sustainable effect would mean to recondition the energetic pulse between the sky and the earth which has been lost in the deserts. It would further mean to permanently dissolve the barrier which prevents clouds from forming and to assure that in the future moisture will permanently be floating into that region.

The Theory

In 1936, through the isolation of biological preparates, there was an energy (Alpha) discovered in Europe which shouldn't exist according to modern physics and biology. The basis is an energy which does come about neither by chemical nor electromechanic stimulation. - concretely this energy expresses itself through a temperature increase of about one degree Celsius which quasi originates from nothing. This was repeatedly substantiated by me and was also the content of my dissertation "Eine neue Physik" (engl. 'a new physics').

A study concerning this matter was done by me (Joachim Trettin) over the past 15 years, confirming this theory day by day. Thus there exists an energy in nature to which conventional physics had no (or refused to have) entrance to. This theory existed already back in the days of Newton as a philosophy, which originated from the Greeks' view of nature, called 'the ether'.

Since the abolishment of the ether-theory (through Michelson-Morley in 1887) conventional physics disassociated itself from the concept of a physical media behind the electrons and atoms. But research over time again and again gave rise to this question, which also led to the discovery of biophotons. But Biophotons are not a physical result of the cells. This form of energy exists in the free atmosphere aswell. We call this enery 'Apha-Energy'.

This highly sensible energy can lose its effect through the influence of secondary energies like nuclear fission, high-voltage or through chemical reaction. Also the line of the sun in the northern hemisphere has an extrem influence on this energy. This is where the desert-belt of Arabia and the Sahara is located. Conventional physics conceals this functions today behind the word 'dark matter'. The acceptance of the basic functions of this Alpha-energy would topple the world view of conventional physics. This is why this functions remain in the dark and are not defined better by now.

Today research is merely done on subatomic particles (CERN) and the theoretical physicists just repeat what they have learned and so they freeze the world view of the old physics. The newer string-theory comes as close as possible to the Alpha-energy. It postulates also a plain beneath the subatomic particles.

This energy is not dead and therefore leads quickly to biological results if the chemical requirements are met. If this energy is subducted the biological functions brake down.

This Alpha-Energy - we call it also life-energy (LE) - has a contra-function in itself, what is called energy-stagnation (ES). ES belittles or even suspends the functions of LE. ES can predominate like in deserts or can be temporal and secondary like in smog-situations over urban areas. There is an alpha-energetic pulse (LE pulsates) between the earth and the sky. This leads basically to meteorological depressions and anticyclone, brings moist and dry weather conditions in rotation. If the pulsation (the LE-function) is disturbed, the rotation of weather conditions won't take place anymore. Not enough moisture is built up because no clouds form which could release the moisture as rain. Lakes disappear, the soil becomes crumbly, finally degenerates to sand and becomes desert.

Currently the LE-function is disturbed around the world. The most extrem expression of this are objectively the deserts.

The expansion of the deserts of the world per year was already 70 km² in 1990. More and more regions become deserts - even in the Himalayan region. The deserts of Africa sloped over to Europe and currently expand into the south of Spain. On the altitude of the desert-areas there is also much ocean. Would those sea-areas also be land they probably would be deserts aswell. Stagnated energy (ES) also moves over sea like from Africa to Europe. In San Francisco it was observed in 1989 how ES floated inland from the ocean in the form of black clouds.

The goal of Rainmaking is:

1.) elimination of the ES-function in the atmosphere
2.) the pulling-in of moisture
3.) creation of clouds
4.) creation of rain
5.) the continuity of natural rain
6.) greening of the desert
7.) decrease of the ES-heat to a convenient warmth

The required technology is minimal.

It consists of a device (called the LE-Antenna) with about 10 long pipes and an energetic amplifier (alpha - collector) and a connection to water in form of the sea or a tank wagon. This device would have to be built in Germany (costs around 15.000 Euros) and flew in to the particular region. This device remains property of the company Joachim Trettin. This device is directly effective in a range of 300 kilometers and indirectly considerably broader.
Ideal would be sea-area, otherwise a tank wagon is required, which would be filled with water. The LE-Antenna requires a techician who we bring with us from Germany. The team from Germany would include several people.

Amongst others:

Joachim Trettin as taskmanager and operator, MIP*
Beate Freihold, standby-taskmanager, metoerology and documentation
Rafael Kraft, assistant

The team needs for this work besides an official approval a desert-area or area at sea, a meteorologist of the country with a wireless internet-connection, a security-team, a cook and one or two translaters (for translation of the national language to german) . Also caravans for housing and the accordant vehicles.

Preliminary estimate of the costs

To launch this project we would estimate a sum of 250.000Euro. All persons of the crew would have cancelation expenses (rent, work) and would need those compensated.

All persons would get a honorarium which would have to be appointed and would need to have the potentiality to fly to Germany from time to time. In case of a success a bonus would be payable which is not named here.

The project would be contractually written down. The costs of the attorney would be incorporated by the client. The project would have to be insured for environmental damages.

Success means periodical rain and / or the ability of greening. Besides the logistics we would merely need the crew, access to water, housing and catering, transport, flights and two or three LE-Antennas. The Antennas and the associated trailers would stay property of the project management.

A minimum of technology can lead to a maximum of success - to a green landscape. Certainly we would have to point out that our work is still experimental! We promise nothing, but announce rain and hope for a success.

About the first project manager:
Joachim Trettin has his own institute in Germany. He works in the fields of energetics, research and weather-control. He has his own degree program at the AMRI-academy and works for almost 40 years in the area of the life-energy. He was member of several rainmaking-crews in Germany and the USA. In 1994 he began his own project in Rainmaking. He is a member of the International Parliament for Safety and Peace and looks at his work in the sense of a peace-mission.

*MIP - member of the International Parliament

Report from the USA in the area of California/Arizona

On the 8th of may 1989 we were working in the Mohavedesert at the Coloradoriver. We arrived in the evening and assambled the LE-Antenna immediately. The night was hot (110°F) and we slept outside at the Coloradoriver near the antenna. The first weather report with satellite images was viewed on the portable television set. It showed 110°F in Phoenix. In the morning of the 9th of may it was much windier, the temperature had dropped to 93°F which is 17°F less. One could observe that with the help of our weather vane.

In the early afternoon there was an ES-reaction so that the optical range diminished strongly. Later small clouds moved from south to north. At the 10th of may in the morning it was said in the weather report that temperature had dropped another 7°F, thus 24°F. Also atmospheric pressure dropped and humidity had moved from south to north-east. In Mexiko we had sporadic thunderstroms. From the west (Pacific Ocean) a low-pressure area was announced which was in the north-west of California extremly cold. So we drove back in western direction to monitor the clouds better. Due to the meteorological conditions the Rainmaking was settled the same night. The next day (11th of may) it was much cooler, 82°F (so 28°F less than in the beginning of the operation). The atmosphere was more transparent with a good range of sight. The sky was blue and the wind was blowing. Altogether there was a decline of 28°F in temperature, the sun wasn't burning so hot anymore and one could breathe better. There was less ES and good cloud-conditions.

California with 210 weather stations, Arizona with 180 weather stations and also South-Nevada reported rainfall after the operation from 8th to 10th of may 1989. For Arizona this was the first rainfall in the year 1989.

Joachim Trettin

Taskmanager and Operator

Beate Freihold